Stenciled Dining Room Chair Makeover

My Mom's dining room chairs were in dire need of makeovers. so I got busy with some ideas. Mom's house has a neutral palette but is also pretty, pink, and filled with roses so I knew whatever I did would have to fit in with all these things.

Since the wooden part of the chairs were in good condition and since they are a classic design, I knew I only needed to redo the fabric covers of the seats because they were in awful condition.  But what fabric to pick? I wanted to modernize the chairs but also keep the neutral tone of the entire room. I picked this creamy chevron design to redo each of the chairs in. It melded well with the surrounding colors, don't you think? BUT it's modern and for a 106 year old lady who doesn't like OLD stuff, this was perfect. (Yes, my Mom is 106 and still lives in her own house. She is one savvy lady, too. She doesn't like old things. She likes new and clean and pretty stuff.)

I recovered each of the 5 chairs with this chevron fabric. It's pretty easy if you have a staple gun. I have an electric staple gun which is even more awesomely better. :) I wanted more than just a basic chair , though. When I was finished I wanted these chairs to be fabulous. I wanted to step it up a notch with a rose stencil on the chair.

I looked online for a free rose graphic and found a free one that I thought would turn into a pretty nice stencil. It's easy to make a stencil when you have a clear cut image like this one.I printed out the picture on a piece of 110 lb. white cardstock paper. Then I used an Xacto knife to cut out the stenciled areas. I thought gold acrylic paint would look pretty awesome in this elegant home so that's what I used. Here is the stencil.

Here it is painted with gold  on the chevron fabric.

I actually stenciled the rose onto the chair seat after I recovered the seat cover. I think that was dangerous - hoping I wouldn't mess it up. Yay. It turned out great. Sometimes I am surprised when my projects turn out good. :)

Oh, I thought a cute pillow trimmed with ball fringe might be nice also.

I think this fits my Mom's home beautifully. SHE IS PLEASED!

Hope you enjoyed my dining room chair makeover post. Best wishes and stay warm, my friends,


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