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Wrap a Wine Bottle to Look Like a Pineapple

How to wrap a bottle to look like a pineapple.

Here is a fun way to present a gift of a bottle of wine!!

How to make this? It's really easy.

1 20 inch circle of fabric with pineapple colors

36 inches or so of sisal rope

green tissue paper

4 squares of paper towels

I wrapped the wine bottle with paper towels to give it some girth and then set the bottle in the middle of the circle of fabric. I wrapped the fabric up the bottle and taped it. I cut long leaf shapes from the green tissue paper and taped them to the bottle also with the pointed ends going up like the shape of pineapple leaves. Wrap the rope around the ends of the fabric and tissue paper so that all raw ends are hidden under the rope. Hot glue.

Present your "pineapple" to the host/ hostess. :)

Hope you are enjoying the Christmas season, my friends.


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