Sea Glass Christmas Tree Glass Block

Christmas Tree Glass Block

Don't you love the glass blocks? Well, I bought 2 for $2. and have been looking for a project to do with them. Since I live on the shore in Connecticut I have lots of sea glass. Lots. Adding the 2 together I came up with this idea of making a Christmas tree out of green sea glass. Sometime I should do a really big project with sea glass. Ah...

I used Fabri-Tac glue because it's perfectly clear and dries fast. Even though it's made for fabric, I use it for mostly everything. It's pretty straight forward. I laid the pieces of sea glass on the block and glued them down. Very easy to do. It might be a great project for kids, too, since the sea glass is smooth.

This block didn't have a hole in it for lighting but I placed it in front of a window and the sun shines straight through it. I love it.

Have a great Christmas, my friends,


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