Creative Ways to Give Money at Christmas

How to give money at Christmas so it looks a little more exciting? Here's a few ways to accomplish that.

How to give money creatively at Christmas

I bought some treat bags. Then I put glittery tissue paper inside with the money envelope (of course) and threw in some cute little burlap flowers and a bottle brush tree. A few small candy packets would do well for the younger set or a wrapped chocolate turtle for the older set. :)

I thought of putting in some glitter or confetti but nixed that, especially if they are opening it at my house. ha ha

Hope you liked this idea for gifting money. Here's another one:

I wrapped the card and envelope with pretty string and beads. This was a fun craft for me, too.

This is a fun way to give money also.... Very easy complete tutorial HERE.

A great tutorial for a Christmas Money Tree by my friend from Crafty Journal.

I love this Matchbook Money idea also. So fun!! Also by Noreen at Crafty Journal.

I hope you've gotten some inspiration for gifting money! And I hope you are having a simply wonderful Christmas season.

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  1. If you are giving cash it is nice to find a way to make it more exciting. I totally agree that glitter or confetti is not at all necessary if they are opening gifts at yours!


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