Gifting Pretty Bookmarks in Your Christmas Cards

Giving a small gift to someone in a Christmas card is an easy way to be remembered all year. I made some bookmarks that can easily be slipped into Christmas cards. I love the uplifting messages also.

Scrapbook paper comes in so many gorgeous colors and patterns, it's a delight to work with. I noticed that many of the papers now have sayings on the separate sheets. I cut these sayings out and used double sided tape to attach them to 4.5" x 6.5" card stock papers folded in half. Then I sewed them up one side so that 2 sides are open and can fit over the book page and mark your page!! Besides that your giftee can be inspired by awesome sayings every time they open their book. Right?All year long.

Here are the 2 little packs of card stock paper I used. I folded each paper in half and sewed down one side.

See the stitching? I sewed them on the sewing machine. I LOVE sewing on paper!! However, you can use double sided tape to secure one side down or glue. Right? It would be just as nice, really.

Here are some of the bookmarks I made and I put "You are my Sunshine" bookmark in with this card.

What a sweet, small and practically FREE gift to send out with your Christmas cards.

Hope you enjoy these and maybe make some. It's really a fun, easy craft and not limited to Christmas, of course.



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