How to Make Your Own Bracelets with Tassels

Tassels and bracelets are a perfect combination!! I'm seeing tassels on bracelets everywhere so I thought that would be a perfect thing to use my collection of tassels on.

Here is a post on How to Make Tassels THE FAST WAY with embroidery floss. I have been making tassels, lots of tassels. I have a little gift box suitcase filled with everything I need to make tassels when I am out and about. I take it everywhere and when I have a few minutes I make some tassels.

So, now I'm getting these kinds of remarks, "What are you going to do with all these tassels?" Well, I'm starting to "do" something by putting tassels on bought bracelets. Here are some bracelets I bought at Kohl's.

Here are some of the tassels I've made. I think they go well with the bracelets, don't you?

I bought some jump rings.

I opened one of the jump rings and pushed it into the top of the tassel as in the picture.

Be sure to double curl the ring so that it won't come off of whatever you put it on. :)

I curled it around this cute little beaded bracelet.

Some turtle bracelets I bought at Michael's Crafts... I added white and gray tassels.

My daughter's bracelet says, "Just keep swimming". Love it.

I bought a silver (color) bracelet at the craft store and added tassels. Easy. Fun.

Make some tassels, people. It's very fun!! Decorate jewelry you already have and it's an almost free craft... just the price of some embroidery thread.

Hope you are all having a very fun summer. Trying, over here, to make the most of every wonderful, sunny and warm day.


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