32 Wonderful Uses for an Old Iron Rake

Ways to use an iron rake ...

A few years ago I saw an iron rake head used in a garden to hold food for the birds, as in corncobs, suet, etc. I was fascinated. I still am. I WANT to use an old iron rake head or the whole rake itself for something, anything other than raking the yard. Have I done this? No. Why can't I get it together to do some of these awesome projects I've been wanting to do? Well, for one thing I get waylaid by other more interesting ideas like tassels. Right now I'm into making tassels from embroidery thread. I love them SO MUCH. However, I haven't taken the pictures yet. (That's a big downer-I'm trying to improve my picture taking, too, but it's tough to get good clear pictures.)

Anyway, back to the iron rakes. You are gonna LOVE these ideas. I just know it and whether you want to spray paint them a nice shiny, cool color or just keep them vintage looking is up to you. These are truly conversation starters, believe me.

Here's a garden art owl made partly with an old iron rake!!

Here is one from Better Homes and Gardens. I love this way of storing some garden implements.

What about this rake being used for kitchen utensils? Source.

Isn't this the sweetest necklace and jewelry holder you ever saw??? Seriously it's darling.

Lookee! Lookee! Here is a totally different way to use and old iron rake and it's amazing, picking up nails by adding magnets to an iron rake.  Source.

Is this sweet? Teacups, and iron rake and succulents! WHEEEEEE.... Fun!

This Pinterest pin shows how to use a rake head as a mail organizer. I like.

Is this a wonderful hot pad holder? She sells these potholders also. Lovely.

Gypsy Farm Girl did this cuteness with her rake.

What about this Pinterest pin? A garden trellis!! Yay!

Better Homes and Gardens does this awesome bird feeder.

Need a place to hang your wet paint brushes to dry out? Here ya go!!

This is from Hometalk a Southern Belle with Northern Roots.

Is a pitch fork the same as an iron rake... close enough! See the sign? Great! Source.

Cool way to display jewelry at craft shows.

This is an antique pitchfork but it's close to a rake, right? I like this, too.

Extremely cool and unique cross between a wind chime and chandelier. WOW.

Fall fun with rakes. Yay!

Unique Christmas decoration straight ahead!!

Laughing Kids Learn has a really CUTE idea for kids to use rakes - as a drawing tool!!

Chaotically Creative came up with this CUTEST idea to display her owls. LOVE!!

Need to grill some hot dogs? Here you are... get a rake out.

When you are done cooking the dogs, clean off the rake and toast the marshmallows!

My Salvaged Treasures shows how to make a photo display using a metal leaf rake.

Deco Diva Debi uses rakes in a pretty way for flower vases!

Have a collection of old whisk brooms?

I guess these rakes (as versatile as they are) can be used to hang anything. What about these little old shovels?

Hope you've gotten some inspiration and fun!!

Best wishes, Linda

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