Turn Your Home into a Summer Beach Bungalow with These Fun Ideas.

Make your home into a beach bungalow this summer and feel the enjoyment of the beach.

Want the feeling that you're at the seashore? I do. I LOVE the beach. 

Why do people feel happier at the beach? There is a little science behind it.  Some research shows that the sound of waves crashing on the sand can change your brain wave patterns making you calmer and the tiny negative ions can improve your mood. These negative ions can be found in the mountains and after a summer shower. What's nicer than hearing seagulls calling as you soak up the sun?

Not going to the beach this year? Get the vibes by transforming your home into a summer beach bungalow. These DIY ideas are AWESOME!!

Look at these awesome letters by Debi's Design Diary.

I made this Beach Cottage square wreath from an old frame. Complete instructions HERE.

Sand and Sisal made this beautiful side table from a large ceramic planter!

Don't you just love this Memo Board Fishing Net???

Make Shell Candles - light your nights with these sweet candles........

Carolyn's Homework is one of my favorite blogs and she made this sisal wreath. Love it. She also has a tute on how to make the glass floats

Hope you are getting into the beachy summer vibe! I am so ready to completely enjoy summer.

Best wishes,


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