Summer Fun DIY Keychain

Make your own FUN summer key bob!

To remind myself that it's summer and to add a bit of fun, I wanted to make myself a summer, fun keychain. This is what I came up with!

What speaks summer more than pretty, colorful sunglasses? I did a post on Hundred Ways to Get the Most Out of Summer and I think a summer key chain should make the list also.

Remind yourself it's summer everyday by making a summer key bob!

I bought a bunch of sunglasses online... kid's sunglasses, that is, and some key chain rings.

I slipped a ring onto the side of the sunglasses. Then I took soft wire and wrapped around the side bars of the sunglasses. I tried gluing the entire thing together but it didn't work and then I decided to soft wire the side bars together. It worked! Now all there was to do was add the keys.

Voila~ Summer fun keychain. Now when I see my keys hanging around, I'll be happy that they are colorful and summery.

Hope you are gearing up for a fun summer!

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