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Natural Blueberry Lip Gloss with Coconut Oil

Blueberry Scented Lip Gloss

This was one of the easiest crafts I've done in a long time and perfect to soothe scorched lips from the summer sun! Smells like blueberries, too. I bought the fragrance oil...

diy blueberry lip gloss


2 tablespoons coconut oil
2 tablespoons almond oil
2 tablespoons bees wax
6 drops blueberry fragrance oil

In a small deep bowl I put the bees wax. Then I put the bowl and its contents in the middle of a bigger bowl which was half filled with water. I melted the bees wax by turning on the microwave for 30 second increments.  It's important to keep watching it carefully until it turns into liquid.

When the bees wax is melted add the coconut oil and quickly put it back in the microwave. Do the same with the almond oil.  Add blueberry oil. Stir.

Pour into cute little containers. :)

DIY coconut oil lip gloss

This craft was easy peasy.

Making lip gloss with coconut oil.

This smells so sweet and wonderful, like blueberries themselves! It makes six little lip gloss containers. I gave one to my 12 year old granddaughter and she thought it was amazing. :)

Best Spring wishes to all,


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