10 Awesome DIY Home Decor Burlap Projects

Dictionary definition of BURLAP..


a plain-woven, coarse fabric of jute, hemp, or the like; gunny.


Burlap (Hessian cloth) was originally used for soldier's uniforms of the Hessian Army from the German state of Hesse. It was first exported from India in the 19th Century. Because of the fabric's durability burlap has been used for sacks for sandbags and for balling up the roots of trees. 


Of course it's no secret what burlap has been used for in the last several years... EVERYTHING including weddings! 

I'd like to concentrate on showing awesome posts for BURLAP DECOR. There is some amazing stuff out there, people.

1. Burlap Curtains on Four Generations One Roof has the tutorial.. no sew also.

DIY Art with Find It Make It Love It. Isn't this gorgeous?

Anthropologie Lantern Knock-off by Hymns and Verses... a complete tutorial. Beautifully done!!

DIY Burlap Basket by Art and Sand.... cute basket. Easy Peasy tutorial!!

Gorgeous burlap flag by The Wood Grain Cottage. Shows her mistakes and successes with this project. Beautifully done tutorial also.

Burlap Shade by Mod Vintage Life. I love this shade and it looks easy to do also.

This Burlap Framed Letter by Love of Family and Home is just wonderful. I need to make one.

Cutest Burlap Seated Chair by Superfluous. Cutest.

Here are Two Burlap Flower Boxes by Made in a Day. Perfectly wonderful and she shows how to make them also!

Hope you enjoyed this collection of awesome burlap home decor projects!! I enjoyed researching this.


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  1. Love all of these Burlap projects, drapes are stunning-who knew?!

  2. Wonderful inspirations! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. xo P.S. did you see my new giveaways?

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