Elf Hat Treat Christmas Ornament

Elf Hat Treat Ornament

Caramels and chocolates in a paper elf hat? Nice small gift for young visitors at Christmas.

Did I mention I like to make paper ornaments? I love the colors and patterns of the beautiful scrapbook papers, too. I could just keep going with paper ornaments. 

Sometimes I'm still making ornaments on Christmas Eve. 

This ornament starts with a circle. I traced around a bowl to make a circle on a piece of scrapbook card stock paper.

Once you have your circle, turn it to form a cone like this:

I used hot glue to hold it together. From here it's a hop, skip and a jump to finish up. I put a hanger and a white pompom on the top of the elf hat. Then I put candies in a plastic bag and hot glued that up into the hat. Finis!

It's easy, quick and (I think) it's cute. It's definitely functional. I'll hang these on my tree and then when a young guest arrives they get to pick one off of the Christmas tree! How fun is that?

If you wanted to give someone a gift of money, you could put cash in the hat also.

Have a Merry Christmas Season. 

With love,


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 I love finding and sharing fun stuff from all over the net and right now I'm sharing Christmas!


  1. You're right Linda - your elf hat tree ornaments are very cute and functional! I think they would look great nestled on a gift with the bow.

  2. These are really cute and I love how simple they are to make!


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