DIY Fleece Heating Pads for Gifts

DIY Fleece Heating Pads 

In Any Shape you Want!!

I like this kitty shape but there are lots of cute shapes... puppies, frogs, teddy bears, stars, etc.

I cut this pattern freehand but most times I get inspiration online or find a picture from calendars, coloring books, magazines, etc. I then have the picture shrunk or enlarged to the size I want. I cut around the outside of the picture and Voila! I now I have my pattern.

This cat heating pad is 7" x 11" finished size. I think this is the perfect size to snuggle with. So you would increase the size of your pattern to about 8" x 12". After you cut out the fleece, sew it all around the edge about 1/2 inch or less around the outside, clip the curves and leave about a 4 inch opening to turn it inside out.

I bought long grain white rice to put inside and filled it about 1/2 way full.  You can close the opening either by hand or machine. I closed it by machine. It's really much quicker and will hold up longer than hand stitching will.

I made a bunch of them as you can see. Lots of people I know like heating pads. :) This is so economical to make also. Joann's has fleece on sale (if not you can get a coupon on your phone and give it to the cashier). At $5. a yard for fleece, you can make about 8 small heating pads. It looks good and it is a gift that "keeps on giving" so to speak... (comfort, warmth).

Hope you enjoyed! Make something!

Your friend,

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  1. Very cute idea! I have used the single sock that no longer has a pair (only if it's newish and not my son's!) and fill it with rice for the same purpose. I find that the rice begins to have a burnt smell after a few uses. Does your pattern allow for an opening to change out burnt rice? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love these Linda! I always use a hot water bottle for my achy muscles but I am going to try to make one of these. Just put it in the microwave right?

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