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Cute Candy Milk Bottle Gifts for Co-workers and Neighbors

Cute Milk bottle Filled With Candy for Small Gifts

Here's a quick idea - gifts for neighbors, co-workers, or anyone you want to give a small, cool gift to.

Isn't this cute? I love the little burlap cover. 

Okay, I didn't make this. I bought this but it's still very cute and I thought someone might want to make it which is why I'm sharing. These milk bottles are for sale in the craft stores and, of course, you can get burlap there also.

I love the little Christmas tree candies, too. 

Do you like this little gift craft? Another little idea for Christmas gifting since everybody loves food gifts.

Hope you enjoyed! Make something!

Your friend,

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 I love finding and sharing from all over the net and right now I'm sharing Christmas!

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