Christmas Stag Head Decoration

Christmas Stag Head made with Cardboard and Christmas Cards

I always wanted a stag's head. I saw an old one at a tag sale but it was a bit broken and expensive so I passed on it. I did so want it, though.

This Christmas Stag Head Decoration is, of course, just for Christmas but maybe after Christmas I could make another one with a winter theme, right? Then in the Spring.... going overboard, perhaps?

Anyway, it's really, really cheap inexpensive to make if you have any Christmas cards. I get lots of Christmas cards every year.... from the nuns, from the American Indians (to be politically correct - Native Americans) - several tribes, actually. They send me cards in hopes of getting a donation - sometimes they do, which is probably why they keep sending them - I have lots of dream catchers.

Anyway, I get lots and lots of cards and I keep them in a drawer for me to send out at Christmastime (yea, that's it). Do you get cards? I noticed that the cards I get are pictures of people's kids, themselves or their pets. I love the traditional cards with pictures of the nativity, a snowman, or birds at a feeder or people in a sleigh in the snow. I love those cards. In a way, I'm really grateful to the Indians (oops, Native Americans) and the nuns for sending me these cards. I love them and I had so much fun cutting them up and making this project.

Start the project by getting a picture of a deer head, (a stag head if you want antlers). I had a picture of a stag head enlarged. It went on 2 different sheets of paper because it was that big. I had to draw in the end of the antlers.

Once you get the pattern, you are good to go. You could print out mine if you like and then go and enlarge it at Staples. Here's my pattern.

The next step is finding some cardboard or styrofoam board to cut out your stag's head. I used an  Xacto knife to cut all around the pattern.

Here are some of the many cards I get in the mail.... see the little Indians? (We always called them Indians when we were kids in the 60's) - remember the "cowboys and Indians" movies? I do. I loved those movies.

Okay, so the next step is to cut out little pieces of cards and glue them onto the cardboard stag head.

I think kids would have a lot of fun with this, too. It's just gluing pieces of the Christmas cards onto the cardboard. Duck soup, people. Duck soup.

I used Fabri-Tac glue. That's my favorite go-to glue. It glues just about everything.

When I was working on this - it took only a few hours - I tried to keep the left side of the deer head darker than the right side. It gives the entire project some depth, I think. It is perfectly flat but it gives the impression of having form. (My art teacher, Hank, said that it is possible to make something appear 3 dimensional when it is only 2 dimensional - flat. He is a brilliant artist - old time impressionist painter.

Here's a close-up.

I cut out some of the words, too.

Merry Christmas!

All hearts come home at Christmas.

The tips of the antlers on the left are dark. The tips of the antlers on the right are light. Doesn't it look dimensional? Or am I seeing something that isn't there?

Oh, I almost made a red nose but then decided I liked the black one better.

Hope you are having fun this Christmas Season! Make something, people!!

Best wishes,

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