Beautiful Angel Ornaments to Make

Beautiful Angel Ornaments

Several years ago when I was just beginning blogging I made these angels and put them on the blog. The pictures were small and unclear so I decided to retake all the pictures and make up a proper blog post for them.

Find a picture of an angel on the web... Google images is good for that or Bing. Then print it out on cardstock or any heavy paper. You might have to size it up a little to 4 x 6 inches or even 3 x 5 inches is fine. 

In the original tutorial I didn't cut around the angel's head. I left the printed angel 4 x 6 inches and then just added a gauzy skirt in the place where the angel's skirt was in the picture.

See how the "skirt" is added to the waistline of the angel?

Cut a piece of fabric into a square about 7 x 7 inches.

On one end pleat or gather the fabric to about the width of the waist of your angel picture. 

Hot glue or sew the pleats in place.

This is the back of the skirt. It's totally unfinished. I don't fuss with it. You can finish the raw edges if you like.

This is the front of the skirt.

Then glue it on top of the angel's waist.

Then gluing a little trim on top will act as a belt for the angel.

This year I cut around the head of the angel to update them a little. With this angel, I made a slit underneath her arm and then slipped the "skirt" underneath so it looks like the angel's arm is on top of her skirt. It looks even better, I think.

I think I like it cut around the angel's wings better.

Hope you are enjoying the Christmas Season!

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