Awesome Way to Wrap a Gift - With a Scarf

Wrap a Gift With a Scarf

I wanted to give a scarf and a few other gifts to my daughter and was trying to think of creative ways to wrap her gifts... Hmmm... a light bulb went off ... if I could wrap gifts with paper, and fabric and lots of other things, then why not wrap one of her gifts with the scarf? It's a really pretty scarf, too. She likes fancy, beautiful things.

Gift wrapped with a pretty silver scarf

There's not much to this. I did have a few other ways that I wrapped this gift before settling on this more traditional way of wrapping. On one of the first tries I pulled the scarf up to the top and scrunched it with ribbon but nixed that one but I like this way better. It's so elegant.

This was a picture after I had just wrapped it up and without the ball ornaments.

Using a scarf to wrap a Christmas present

If you look closely at the silver ball, you will see 
my self portrait. LOL

Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. Such a neat idea! I would have never thought to use a scarf! Very creative and practical!

  2. I love, love, love this! And I see you, in blue, my sweet friend!
    pinning and sharing!!!

  3. Wow would you like to adopt me Mom? That scarf is so pretty and sparkly. I love scarves, have several I wear, not too much in summer, too hot for me, but any other time I love to wear them. Do you wear scarves? I got one infinity scarf and one tribal patterned/colors at Charlotte Russe when we got paid, 11/26, they were buy one get one of same or lesser price, like that. I usually really go for pretty jewel colored scarves or metallics. I look sick in pastels altho I love them. What kind of scarf do you prefer?
    Are you keeping super busy now? Have you gotten your house decorated? Tree up?
    No tree yet for us as we've been making holiday items for craft show on Saturday. My poor house is a wreck, stuff everywhere. Next week will be clean up the mess week. Then before we know it Christmas will be here and in few days, time to take it all down again. I did some decorating and hubs did some on front porch. Might not have a tree this year. We have a tomato cage tree we made last year using faux garland, lights, home made ornaments and of course the cage. Not big but not bad. Free too as I'd had the garland for years. Everything on it were things we had for long time. It fits on our trestle table just fine so think it will be it. Would love to get some pine branches to give us the fragrance but they charge ridiculous prices here for cut offs.
    If you choose to reply please do so to my email address, thanks

  4. Yes, I think this is your style, JP. :) Self portrait. The other pictures were even more pronounced but by then I had all the pictures taken and you know what a chore that can be. Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Season! Thanks for all your support and inspiration during 2014, JP! Love you and your decorating, too. Linda

  5. Thanks, Amy. This scarf is just gorgeous. My daughter loves nice things so I know she'll like it.

  6. I'm trying to find interesting different things to show my followers. So glad you appreciated it. Best holiday wishes, Linda

  7. Hi Linda. It is absolutely stunning. And a great idea. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes, Darlene


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