Awesome Way to Wrap a Gift - With a Scarf

Wrap a Gift With a Scarf

I wanted to give a scarf and a few other gifts to my daughter and was trying to think of creative ways to wrap her gifts... Hmmm... a light bulb went off ... if I could wrap gifts with paper, and fabric and lots of other things, then why not wrap one of her gifts with the scarf? It's a really pretty scarf, too. She likes fancy, beautiful things.

Gift wrapped with a pretty silver scarf

There's not much to this. I did have a few other ways that I wrapped this gift before settling on this more traditional way of wrapping. On one of the first tries I pulled the scarf up to the top and scrunched it with ribbon but nixed that one but I like this way better. It's so elegant.

This was a picture after I had just wrapped it up and without the ball ornaments.

Using a scarf to wrap a Christmas present

If you look closely at the silver ball, you will see 
my self portrait. LOL

Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas!

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