Mason Jar Cake Gifting

Instant Cake in a Mason Jar - Gift for Christmas

My daughter-in-law, Kim, gave me a heads up on this recipe and I did a post on this last summer but I wanted to give an update on it. Here it is.

During this Christmas season I want to focus on a few things and probably in this order.

1. Food gifts and how to wrap them creatively

2. Christmas ornaments (I LOVE making ornaments - easy, pretty, unusual ornaments like the Christmas popcorn glass ball ornament).

3. Luscious food for the holidays.

4. Christmas decorating - trees, mantels, etc.

This post is one of the food gifts and how to wrap them creatively. Hope you like it.

3-2-1 Cake Mix in a Mason Jar Recipe

Mix together in a plastic bag:
1 package of angel food cake
1 package chocolate cake mix

Here comes the 3-2-1 part:

Mix and beat together in a small bowl or mug.

3 Tablespoons of mix

2 Tablespoons of water
1 Minute in the microwave

Fill the jars with the mix and decorate the jar!  I used white burlap folded around the center of the jar and then wrapped with ribbon... I love buttons. Do you? So cute.

Google doc for the 3-2-1 Cake Mix

Happy Fall!

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