Golden Guitar Christmas Wreath

Guitar Christmas Wreath

This summer I bought an old kid's guitar for $3. My daughter said it was a piece of junk and to put it back but I just liked it. I didn't realize it was coming apart until I got it home, but I stuck to still liking it. I just liked it. I laid it on a chair in the dining room and looked at it all summer, not having a clue about what I wanted to do with it until a few weeks ago and then it hit me - it would be gorgeous on a door as a holiday decoration with greens on it. And so, here it is... I had to hot glue it back together. Oh, and I bought this great gold spray paint at a tag sale also. Every weekend we go tagging, my daughter, my nephew, my neighbor and myself. It's fun just to see houses. Last weekend we saw some gorgeous houses in Westport.  It was kinda fun going into all these massive rich homes. In one house, the master bedroom looked like the Queen's chamber... my mother used to say, "Now you've seen how the other half lives". :)

An old child's guitar turned into a Christmas wreath

The first thing I did to the guitar was glue it together so it wouldn't fall apart. And then I sprayed it gold. I love the color, but it was hard to photograph because it reflected so much light.

Child's guitar sprayed with metallic gold paint

I attached some artificial Christmas greens onto the guitar with wire. I also made a hanger with the wire. That's the metallic paint I bought at the tag sale. Here are some of the greens I bought to decorate the guitar.

I love the old guitar turned into wreath for the holidays

Christmas guitar door decoration

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Christmas "wreath" made with a guitar sprayed gold

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  1. Love it!! what a creativly beautiful way to repurpose a guitar....

  2. Linda, that is such an adorable "wreath"....I'm sure that you are glad that you decided to grab it!

  3. How great idea, and guitar turned so beautiful!

  4. I know my son wouold love your Christmas wreath as much as I do. I'll have to share your post with him.

  5. That is such a cute idea. When I read the title this was not what I was expecting.

  6. I love seeing stuff repurposed. Beautiful job.

  7. love this sooo much!! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo


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