8 Fun and Easy DIY Advent Calendars

8 Fun and Easy Advent Calendars

Have you ever had an Advent calendar? We used to have them when the kids were small. At that time an Advent calendar was just a square white piece cardstock with the numbers 1 to 25 on each little "door" and you would open the door and see a little picture. Later on there was a piece of candy behind each door. Now, of course, an Advent calendar can be a decor item in its own right, they are so unique and beautiful.  Read on to see how you can make your own Advent calendar.

What is the back story of Advent? Advent means "coming" - in this case, the coming of the Christ child. It's the first season of the Christian church year which includes the 4 Sundays just before Christmas. 

A Catholic website says that Advent refers to our "celebration of Christ's birth at Christmas: but, second, to the coming of Christ in our lives through grace and the Sacrament of Holy Communion and, finally, to His Second Coming at the end of time." 

Advent is sometimes celebrated with an Advent wreath, which is a wreath that is horizontal and has 4 candles... 3 purple and 1 pink. You light one candle each day, starting with the purple ones. By the second week you are lighting 2 purple candles a day.The pink one is lit on the last Sunday just before Christmas... at that time you light all the candles.  It helps to remind us that the Christ child is coming and to prepare for Him. This is a beautiful tradition. Now we anticipate the coming of Christmas with Advent calendars - 25 days that are marked in some way like opening 1 little envelope a day and finding a treat inside. I've gathered some pretty cool DIY Advent calendars from around the web. I hope you find inspiration.

Here is the Advent calendar my daughter and I did for her daughter. It took no time at all - a few hours - some little white envelopes that I bought from the craft store, some stickers and number stamps and this is the result! We put little candies inside.

Here's an Advent calendar from Little Lucy Lu that is darling! To see how this is made, hop over and check it out. I love the chicken wire, don't you? Full instructions available.

This Advent calendar from Reading Confetti emphasizes Christmas reading books. This is so awesome! This is the Christmas decor I was talking about. This would be beautiful on my mantel! Love it.

Mini Tree Advent Calendar by Oh, Happy Day! I love her blog! It's so pretty - all her things. Anyway, she shows exactly how to craft this darling little "forest" of Advent!

Santa Hat Advent calendar at BHG. I love these. They are a bit more work but so CUTE.

Christmas tree Advent calendar by Pink Suede Shoe is darling, easy and very cost effective... by using a few sheets of green patterned scrapbook paper you can make a whole forest of these little cone trees. Love 'em.

Just a Girl Advent calendar has an activity of the day inside each little "gift". She has the entire list of the activities she wrote down. You will love them. I do. I'm planning on using them as our "activity" list to do with the grands... beautiful.

Baby Sock Advent Calendar by Martha Stewart.

I hope this has given you some inspiration to everyone to go and make a simple Advent calendar to celebrate the 24 days before Christmas!!

Blessed Christmas Season to all, 



  1. Thank you for sharing all of these ideas. We are working on a wooden Advent ornament set for next year.

  2. These are so cute, I really love the ones with the little trees!

  3. Hi Linda, Thanks for these Advent Calendar ideas. I have a few advent calendars, and would like to make some more. I did make the mini Advent Calendar Pocket Book a few weeks ago. I don't do facebook, but thanks for whatever you've posted there. Noreen

  4. You are just as well not to get on the Facebook roller coaster because Facebook is wanting money to show posts to your own followers, believe it or not! I've been working all year on boosting my numbers over there but actually, after hitting 10,000 followers they show my posts to fewer people not more. Keep out of it. You're doing well without it.

  5. That's cool... a wooden advent calendar. Nice.

  6. Great roundup! Happy Holidays Linda!


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