14 Fabulous Ways to Repurpose Old Drawers

Ways to Reuse and Repurpose Old Drawers

I've seen lots of great ways to repurpose old drawers and here are some of the best from Pinterest. 

I have collected lots of old drawers for just such uses (I just haven't repurposed them YET). Anytime I throw out a table or chest of drawers I save the drawers thinking I'll do something with them. (I haven't yet, but I have lots of different sizes of real, wooden drawers. I have to admit that I also have scarfed a few drawers from broken chests on the side of the road - don't hate me.)

I hope you find inspiration. I sure did. Be sure to PIN from the source. Best wishes, Linda

Drawer turned into a table:

Drawers turned into shelves:

Drawer to bathroom cabinet:

Drawer to jewelry storage:

Drawer to little storage shelf:

Drawer turned into beautiful tray: 

Drawers used as gardening table:

Drawer used as jewelry organizer

Drawers used as under-the-bed storage units:

Drawers used as shelving units:

Drawer used as dog feeding station:

Drawer used as toilet paper holder:

Drawer used as a key holder:

Drawers used as a shelving unit:


  1. Those are all absolutely adorable. I love them!

  2. Awesome Round Up Linda. I'm sharing.

  3. I love the horseshoe handles - genius!

  4. What an interesting collection! I love the drawers turned into a garden :)


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