Painting on Old Books

Painting on Old Books

Do you think you have to run out and get a brand new canvas to do a little painting?

How to paint on an Old Book with Acrylic Paints

I wanted to do a little painting of a sailboat (since that's pretty easy) but I wanted to do it on an old book.

Not just any old book either. I wanted a book that had something to do with the sea or water in some way.

This is how I came to have this old book...

old book about boats

My daughter and my friend usually go around every Saturday to tag sales and estate sales. One Saturday we went to a really nice estate sale. The entire contents of the house was for sale. The prices were great. The people were nice and willing to dicker about prices so it was the perfect experience for us. 

We bought some stuff and went on our way to the next sale. Later in the day I said, "I'd like to go back to those girls and get on their email list so we'll get updates about when they are having another sale". (I thought they were professional estate dealers). We went back and found out that the house was her husband's mother's house and they were in charge of selling the contents. Okay.

What's more... they said we could take anything we wanted FOR FREE because it was the end of the sale and the next day everything was going to go into the dumpster! Wheeeee.... it was a free-for-all (literally). ha ha

There was an entire room filled with old books and old records!! What a prize.  I took some records and some books - this book was among them. I was embarrassed a little so I didn't take as much as I really wanted. Oh, well. We did have a lot of fun and I have this book and it was the perfect book to do a little painting on!

So, anyway, I looked online for sailboats and used those as inspiration for this little painting. I used acrylics for this. Acrylics have lots of drawbacks but it is easier to work with, cleans up with water, and dries fast. I'm not going to show how I painted it... that is up to the person who is painting or drawing. Get some inspiration online or in person (a salt shaker is a fun thing to draw) and find an interesting, vintage-type book to paint on! It looks great in decor, too.

Acrylic painting on an old book

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Happy Fall, everyone...

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  1. What a cool idea!! I'm impressed by your creativity. I would've never thought to do something like this-I love it!

  2. What a fun and creative idea. Thanks for sharing at #theWeekendsocial. Hope you come visit again Thursday 9:00 PM EST.

  3. This is so creative! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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