Sea Shell Candles - How to Make

How to Make Candles in Sea Shells

Hi, everyone! Happy Summer!

Sea Shell candles - how to make

This was such a fun, summery craft to do. Even kids could help as long as you pour the clear wax.

I bought some of these at a tag sale last summer and when I was cleaning out a closet I found them and decided I should probably do something with them. 

I have a nice collection of small sea shells and sea glass, too. In addition to picking them off a local beach (we live in Connecticut along the coast) I also buy shells at tag sales. You'd be surprised at how many people sell shells - wait - shesellsseashellsbytheseashore - that could be a hashtag.. ha ha

sea shells

I went to Michael's Crafts and thought I could buy regular wax for candles.. not. They only had the gel wax or the soy but I decided on the gel because I'd never worked with it before. 


The gel wax melts easily, too, and it's perfectly clear.. just right for my purposes for this project.

This was so easy to do. There are some pictures I lost from my camera on this one and it was the step where you make the wick and put it in the shell so I'll explain it. It's easy.

How to make a wick and keep it in place while you pour the wax.

You take a piece of cotton string = you'll need about a foot if you are doing several so I waxed a 12 inch piece of cotton string by melting wax in a small bowl and dipping the cotton string in it. As soon as you can handle it rub the extra wax off and straighten the wick out. There, now you have your wicks.  Cut about a 3 inch piece of wick off and secure it to the middle of the candle or whereever you want the wick to be when you are finished. I used a chop stick and laid it across the shell. Using a clothes pin I clipped the wick onto the chop stick to hold it firmly in place. That was the missing picture.

Making candles in big scallop sea shells - fun

I put some  little shells and etc. into each big shell and then poured the melted gel wax over it - obviously carefully - because it's HOT. I left some of the shells like this but I had some sand (I took some home from the beach) and sprinkled some on top of some of the new shell candles. Voila!

When I showed the candles to my daughter she said it's too bad I couldn't put a bottle in it - Wow, a letter in a bottle! Well, I, of course, have all manner of craft crap great craft supplies so I pulled out (I was able to locate it, too.. AMAZING) a little bottle. I took a tiny piece of paper and made a little note - see the little heart on the outside? What did the note say? Ahhh....

pretty little sea shells as candles

Oh, I had a seastar also. This is actually a candle also. See the wick in the upper part of the shell? I spread lots of sand on this one. 

sea star and sea shells in a big scallop shell with wax to make a candle

Here is the little candle lit up. Cute. I love the little ones the best. What about you?

How to make a candle in a sea shell

I hope you find time to make some of these sea shell candles. They are fun to make and fun to burn later in the evening, too.

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I am the crafter extraordinaire (on this blog anyway.) I live with my husband, my son, David, in a cozy cape cod style house in Connecticut.

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