Cool and Skinny Watermelon Cake - Gluten Free

How to Make a Watermelon Cake

Gluten Free, too.

It's really easy. I love the easy, the quirky, and the cute and yummy if you haven't noticed! My daughter is gluten free so I thought I'd surprise her with this gluten free "cake". 

Doesn't this look like a luscious cake? You can surprise your gluten free friends with this cake and when they say, "I can't eat gluten or wheat flour", you can say, "It's gluten free!". It's a fruit. It's WATERMELON!


1 Whole Watermelon
Cool Whip 
blueberries or strawberries to garnish

Cut a big, round hunk of watermelon from a whole watermelon. Shape it like a cake. Soak up some of the moisture from around the sides of the cake with a paper towel so that the Cool Whip- next ingredient - will stick to the sides of the "cake". Okay, Cool Whip - cover the entire "cake". Add some garnish. Voila!

I didn't cut a slice of it to show but I'm sure you can imagine a nice slice of watermelon cake. :)

Hope you enjoy!!

Best wishes for a wonderful summer, people!!

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