Out Of This World Nutter Butter Smores

Out of this World - Nutter Butter S'mores

S'mores made with Nutter Butter Cookies and Milky Way Candy bars

I was looking for something to put in my placemat fabric containers so I thought S'mores would be nice.  The ingredients to make them would look nice in them so I went off to the grocery store and, as I exited the house, my son yells out, "Get some Nutter Butter cookies"!

So I picked up the Nutter Butters and then was looking for the graham crackers, when a lightbulb went off in my head. WHY DO I HAVE TO USE graham crackers? Ding. Ding. Ding. Why can't I use Nutter Butter cookies?

Then I went a step further and said, "Why do I have to use plain chocolate bars?". Then I started thinking about the different kinds of candy bars that might be nice in a Nutter Butter... Why not Milky Ways since there is that lovely caramel in the middle of Milky Ways? So I bought Nutter Butter cookies and a package of - not the mini Milky Ways but the next size up from the minis - I can't remember what the size was... maybe the fun size? Anyway, I could hardly wait to get back home to try these ideas.

I put them together like this... (These marshmallows I had from Christmas. I don't know why they are kinda flat but it worked really well in this recipe).

And put them in the microwave for about 25 seconds, maybe less. Look in the microwave and when the marshmallow gets really, really puffy and makes the cookie top fall over, it's done. :)

S'mores made with Nutter Butter Cookies and Milky Ways

Now as I was buying the ingredients to make these I thought, 'I know I'm not the first person to think of this' (I SO wanted to be) so when I got home I looked up on the computer and sure enough there were other Nutter Butter s'mores on the blogs. Wah! Wah! Wah!

Lovely and delicious s'mores made with Milky Way candy bars and Nutter Butter Cookies

I put the ingredients inside my fabric placemat baskets. Those are sparklers in the background ready for the Fourth.

patriotic containers made with placemats

As I was taking pictures of these special s'mores, no kidding, I was so focused on getting to eat them I totally rushed the picture process. I ate some WHILE taking pictures of them, too.


Making s'mores with Nutter Butter Cookies instead of graham crackers

Don't you want some? I gave them to the people around here and they agree that they are WAY better than regular s'mores. No more graham cracker s'mores for me, Mom!

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Best wishes for a wonderful summer, people!!


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