Makeover for Patio Dining Set

Makeover for the patio dining table.

I knew last Fall when I put the old patio set away that I was going to do something with it in the Spring. I thought at that time that I would spray paint it white but then I saw this bright yellow and Wow... that is eye opening... Sun Yellow by Rustoleum. I like bright. 

Aren't these bright and fun? I love looking at the bright yellow chairs now. 


It was really really easy to do also. I only did a little bit of sanding - as in just at the tops of the chairs.  Wiped them up and then started spraying. It went together quickly.

Then I bought some fabric at Joann's and recovered the seats, too. I love this fabric... leaves and green -------

It is a really bright yellow but it's so fresh and clean. It's a good feeling to look at these chairs and the table and see how nice and fresh and clean it looks.

Last summer I made over my dining set inside. I bought a little sander and went to town on it.

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