Best Frozen Fruit Desserts for Summer

Fabulous Frozen Fruit for Summer

What's tastier and more yummy than summer fruit? There's all the strawberries, blueberries, peaches and so many wonderful yummy and delicious, healthful fruits! Well, just consider them in frozen form on a hot and steamy summer's day. Wheeeee.....

Here are some of the most yummy looking frozen fruit confections around the web. Enjoy!!

best frozen fruit desserts for summer

1.   Frozen fruit kabobs - Dr. Oz

2.   Lemonade fruit popsicles

3.   Frozen bananas and watermelon

4.   Frozen fruit bites

5.   Frozen citrus fruit cups

6.   Coconut kiwi popsicles

7.   Frozen yogurt fruit pops

8.   Frozen fruit slush cups

9.   Frozen fruit ice cream cones

10. Frozen watermelon popsicles

11. Frozen fruit dessert

And here's a fun thing to do. Make a pineapple jello mold right in the can of pineapple slices!! Then just slice off the pineapple slices - each one is surrounded by delicious jello. Serve with a dollop of cream or Cool Whip.

sliced pineapples and jello

What about a blueberry smoothie??? OMG. This was so TASTY.

blueberries and cream ice drink

While we're on the healthy fruit thing ... what about some delicious summer salads to go with the frozen fruit?

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  1. These all look so cool and refreshing for a hot summer day! Thanks for rounding them up!

  2. Love this roundup! Pinned it :)


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