How to Make a Green Moss Hat


I bought some moss a year ago and finally am getting around to making something with it. I settled on making a moss hat and I love it. It was easy (a requirement) and it happened to come out nicely (not a requirement but very pleasant). Hope you like this. I think it's another thing you can make with moss. FUN!

First. you need a hat.... a flat brimmed hat will probably be easier to work with.

Moss...  this is a sheet of moss 18" x 48". The moss is attached to a mesh sheet.

This moss is on a mesh sheet.

Unroll the moss. There is a paper attached to it that has to be peeled off.

Lay the moss  over the hat.

Start to form the moss to the shape of the hat.

I used a glue gun to secure the moss to  the hat.

I  trimmed up the moss once it was glued down to the hat, by cutting excess moss from all around the hat.

I also hot glued down some fake flowers. The little white flowers are a garland I bought and I had way more than enough to go around the hat.

My daughter said the hat should be displayed on a stand on top of a slice of wood making it a natural center piece. I didn't have a slice of a log. However, I think you can find mostly anything at a tag sale and this proved it. I found both a stick type thing and also something that looked like a slice of a log. They were $1 each which was probably way too much since I found them in the basement of an estate sale, covered with dust and grime.

I had the little bird and nest thingee.

Have you ever made anything with moss? It's great for lots of stuff. I thought of covering a small tabletop with this also. Lots of possible fun with this product, don't you think?

Best wishes for Spring (it's so wonderful, isn't it?)

Do you like things made with moss? Last year my niece, Michele, made a moss shoe arrangement. You might want to check it out. It's pretty awesome.



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  1. Love it! I bet you would make a great wreath for on the door too!

  2. That would be a great Tea Party centerpiece.

  3. I've always loved moss, but never thought of combining it with a hat. How fabulous!

  4. I've always loved moss, but never thought of combining it with a hat. How fabulous!


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