Turn an Old Garden Hose Into a Flower Pot

DIY - How to turn a garden hose into a flower pot.

You know those soaker hoses? Well, this is a soaker hose wound up into a garden pot! Easy and fun. I used zip ties to hold it together. This was a fun project!!

I started with a soaker hose and then twirled around and around holding the different layers together with zip ties. I'm sure you can use a green hose or any color, really.

I started coiling the hose and using zip ties to hold two or three coils together. I went around and around. It was a little easier when I employed help - hubs and son. One coiled and put the zip tie around a few hose coils and the other pulled the zip tie tight.

For most of the pot I wrapped a zip tie around 2 hose coils. Believe it or not, it's quite sturdy. I was thinking it might be a little flimsy but not so. I did pull the zip ties tightly.

Here it is finished with the hose connection sticking out the back, ready to be hooked up to a hose to keep the plant watered... water seeps through the soaker hose keeping the plant healthy and hydrated.

See all the long zip tie ends? They all had to be cut - had hubs do this because it was really TEDIOUS. :)

Here it is with all the zip lines cut... except at the bottom for aeration - or was it because it looked finished enough. I don't believe in overworking a project.  (As my granddaughter says, "Git 'er done".

I bought a roll of black garden liner, the kind that keep the weeds from growing around the plants.

I cut a circle of the fabric around the pot and then put some soil and a large hanging plant of yellow pansies on top.

I pushed the extra black garden fabric back into the pot once I planted the flowers in it. 

I put the end of the hose around the back so that the real hose which will deliver the water to the soaker hose flower pot will not be seen. 

See that sculpture (in the upper right hand corner of the picture) of a little girl kissing a boy? I love it. I picked it up off the side of the road.  No one really notices that part of the boy's right arm is broken.  I put it in with the ivy on the side of the woods. If I angle it a certain way the broken part isn't even visible, especially in the summer when the green plants are all up and around it.

Have a great weekend. 



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