The Cutest Little Pinatas - Egg Pinatas

These Little Egg Pinatas are so much fun to make!! In browsing the internet I came across Tiffanie's Corner Blog and found these cute little egg pinatas. Oh, my gosh, I knew as soon as I saw them that I would HAVE to make them and I did! Make them, that is. 

My granddaughter is holding the little pinata which she will get on Easter Sunday in her bunny bag. She loved it! She thought it was so cute.

cupped hands holding egg pinata

First I had to get the empty eggs so the boys (husband, son) had to eat eggs for a few days. :)

I made a fairly large hole in one end of the egg and then dumped the egg contents out. I cleaned the insides of the eggs out with soap and hot water and then rinsed them really well and dried them out for a few days. 

emptied eggs to use for crafts

I put jellybeans and a little foil chocolate bunny in each egg. 

yummy candy inside empty egg shell

These are some of the colors of streamers I bought... crepe paper streamers... the stuff you hang around a room when you are having a party to make the party more festive! Well, we are making festive little egg pinatas!

pretty streamers

Then I glued a small strip of crepe paper over the hole to keep the goodies inside.

Take a strip of crepe paper streamer and make cuts like in the picture. It's like making a fringe. Make sure not to cut all the way through because we are going to wind this around and around the little egg like a skirt. 

Then I wound it around the little egg starting at the bottom and finishing at the top. I used yellow, green and pink crepe paper and hot glued the strips on, changing colors as I went. 

This is how I hot glued the ribbon hanger onto the top of the egg.

Then I wound some more crepe paper around and around the hanger so it looks like this.

A tiny ribbon bow makes it even cuter, I think.

Now we really need something to whack these little eggs with since, after all, they ARE pinatas, right? These Easter pencils are perfect and I wound some of the crepe paper around them also. (I'm into crepe paper now - actually any paper).  

After I hot glued the crepe paper I wound a little bit of ribbon to finish them off so as not to have a ragged edge of crepe paper. It's the little things, right?

After I made these, I thought that if I put the crepe paper on the eraser end of the pencil, then it could be used as a PENCIL, after the job was done on the pinata. If you make these, you might want to consider that. Then my daughter said they would be cute fillers for birthday favor bags, too.

Pretty Easter pencils

I was so excited when I first saw these I knew they would be super fun to make and they were!

I wonder what else I could turn into a pinata?  Have any ideas?

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  1. You're a clever bunny! Pinning!

  2. These are absolutely adorable! I love the finishing touch of the stick to whack them with. So sweet and so pretty! Thanks for a great idea - next year for sure - I'm pretty well set for this year, thank goodness!

  3. Those are so so cute!


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