Foods that Fight Pain

Foods that fight pain

Years ago a wise friend of mine said, "Food is my medicine". I'm beginning to see how right she was. 

She was way ahead of her time.

Here are some foods that have been known to alleviate pain. I kept this list  to the most common foods that everyone knows, but there are many more unusual foods and nutrients that also work to fight pain. Some of these are as effective as nSaids, Tylenol, etc. 

These foods taste good and are good for you with no side effects (unless you are allergic to them - in which case, please do NOT eat them). Otherwise, throwing some of these foods into a daily diet can do no harm and possibly can be helpful to alleviate pain.

These foods have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties which do not happen overnight. They need to be eaten with a good and healthy diet. It's worth trying, right?

CHERRIES - Anthocyanins are a special class of flavonoids which give cherries their color and deep flavor are also an anti-inflammatory which has been known to relieve pain (according to Fox News)  Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries also have anthocyanins  to a lesser degree but we all know how great these berries are for health in general. Hey, they are tasty, too.

GINGER -  widely used as an anti-inflammatory in India...You can make your own ginger tea by cutting an inch of ginger root and boiling it in water or buy the prepared tea bags at a health food store.

TURMERIC- this is a great anti-inflammatory spice which is used in the Middle East as part of their regular cuisine. I put some of this in a salt shaker and just shake some on my food once a day. I'm getting used to the taste especially with tuna fish or chicken sandwiches.. it's even good with peanut butter. Is that weird?

Salmon, mackeral and herring due to the omega 3 oil in them.

Walnuts and walnut oil

Flax seed and flax seed oil - don't cook with flax seed can cause the opposite effect.

Celery and celery seeds used in soups and stews.

Cinnamon - I love this stuff even without the sugar. :)

Dandelion leaves and tea made from the leaves 

Apple cider vinegar - one teaspoon in a little water with a teaspoon of honey according to top Ten Home Remedies. Other remedies on this site also.

Gin soaked golden raisins (only golden raisins because they have been processed with sulfides). Put the golden raisins in just enough gin to cover them and let them sit for about 2 weeks. I'm so trying this. The recommended dose is 9 raisins a day according to Everyday Roots. They said this is mostly for arthritic pain but they do have other "recipes"  also on their site.

Capsaicin cream  - homemade cream recipe using hot peppers. The cream can be used on joints for reducing aches and pains. Why and how does this cream work? According to this site... 

"Capsaicin depletes a neurotransmitter called substance P, which is responsible for sending pain signals to our brain. If we block the big P, we never get the memo that something is hurting, and therefore end up pain free."  

Word of caution: very painful if it gets in your eyes.

Pectin and grape juice - This recipe is for pain reduction - one tablespoon of pectin in a glass of grape juice twice a day. (that's a lot of grape juice). This girl also has other recipes and recommendations using natural products. 

According to Natural News eating turmeric spice,  ginger, and bromelain (found in pineapples) in combination increases the effectiveness of each one to relieve pain.

Dr. Oz has a food anti-inflammatory food pyramid which shows which foods have anti-inflammatory properties. Chocolate and red wine are in the pyramid! Yay.

Hope you've gotten something out of this article. I know I did.

Best week to you all,


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  1. This is a great post. I use a lot of these myself. Ginger and cherries are excellent. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I didn't know these foods are helpful in alleviating pain. Though we may not feel their effects immediately after having them, all of these things seem good for the health.

  3. Great post! I use Tumeric capsules right now but can't wait to try the rest of these!
    Pinning now!


  4. Linda, this is brilliant! So many people I realize have very limited knowledge of what food is good for them and in particular how it helps them. This is a great article! Thank you so much for linking it up (and for the link back. It ALWAYS warms my heart when people ACTUALLY link back to the party, even though that is the policy.) Bisoux! Rose

  5. Great tips! I knew a lady that drank vinegar and ate yogurt every day - said she was never sick. I keep trying to do that but the great idea to add the honey!

  6. Thanks for sharing with #smallvictoriessundaylinky last week. Sorry I’m late commenting/pinning but do hope you link up again this week ! These are such important tips for someone who deals with chronic pain/inflammation. I appreciate you sharing with me and my readers and it was listed as one of my favorites from last week in this week's link.


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