Large Seed Packet Gift Envelopes for Easter or Mother's Day

Hi, everyone,

I've been working on Easter. In my family, we always give small gifts to the ladies in the family. The kids get Easter baskets but this post is about the ladies.  I try to think up original ideas each Easter.

This is what I came up with this year. 

Large seed packet Easter gift envelopes

Easter present bags from large white envelopes

I started off with these 9" x 12" white envelopes from Staples. That was the foundation. 

Then I just dressed them up with layers of scrapbook papers. I put one colorful one over the entire envelope and glued that down, believe it or not. I also used double stick tape for some of the attachments.

I actually put some scrapbook paper through the printer in order to make the "seed packet". I just used an old program to do that... Print Shop, which I've had forever on the old desktop. It took a few tries to get the words, numbers where I wanted them. I think I could have done more along the lines of duplicating a seed packet but I knew I was going to make a coffee filter flower to go on the front and that would give it more pizzazz. 

Here's the pink..

Coffee filter embellishment for envelope gift bag

And blue.. some people really like blue, I've found. Not me. I like pink.

large seed packet envelope embellished with coffee filter flower

I cut out some leaf like shapes. I never get really too detailed with this stuff. If it sort of looks like a leaf at first glance, then that works for me. I taped those down with double sided tape.

Then I made the coffee filter flowers. I think they sort of look like carnations, albeit large ones. :)

You can google how to make coffee filter flowers. There are lots and lots of tutorials all over the net for these.  I glued the flower in the middle of the leaves.

Then I glued on some ribbon handles. Done.

Here they are on the chair that I painted last summer and distressed a little.

white flowers on seed packet envelopes

I think all kinds of things can be put into these gift envelopes. For my family - seeds, garden gloves, and possibly a few summer bulbs like gladiolus, dahlia, etc.  I thought of a hand trowel but it might be a little too rough to put in these paper envelopes. 

I'm sure you guys can think of other things also. You are so darned
very creative.

seed packet gift envelopes for Easter

Did you enjoy this? I hope so. I'm trying over here.... "I'm baby steppin'. I'm doin' the work". Quote from the movie, What About Bob?  That is one of my family's favorite movies. We watch it every once in a while. It's about this multi phobic character, actor Bill Murray, who is told to take baby steps to overcome some of his problems. So we are always quoting the "baby steppin" lines from the movie. 

Easter gift bags embellished with coffee filter flowers

This was fun. It was just gluing paper to a white envelope. At first, I was thinking of making the envelope and then I thought, why do that? I can buy the envelope and then just embellish it. It worked. It was fast. I love making the coffee filter flowers, too.

This is what I gave to the ladies last Easter. Last year I used pretty gift boxes from Joann's as a foundation for the Easter gifts. 

Cute Chick Pops

Fun Carrots

         Cutest Easter Bunnies

Spring Door Decor

Pretty Paper Wreath

Picnic Party Cart

I'm just beginning to get into Facebook and now they are limiting the number of pages shown to your followers. 

Hope your week is going well,

Your friend,


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  1. Hi Linda,
    These came out so cute. I'm going to have to give them a try.


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