How to Turn Off Google Comments

How to turn off Google Comments and why you should.

Needless to say this is for Blogger blogs, only.

At some point last year I turned on Google+ comments. I thought I was being so clever because that seemed to be the thing to do. However, I noticed a decline in comments on my blog posts after a while.  One of my bloggy buddies sent me an email telling me that she could no longer leave comments on my blog and that could be the reason that I was getting so few comments. (She noticed it, too.)

I didn't realize that in order to leave a comment my followers would first have to have a Google+ account. This, alone, could limit the number of comments and as time went on there were fewer and fewer comments until I made the decision to go back to Blogger comments. Try as I might I could not figure it out.

You would think it would be under  "comments" on the left hand side of the blogger dashboard, right?


I went into my Google+ page. I went into my Google+ profile. Nothing.

I googled the question of "how to turn off Google+ comments"- at that time, it seemed like there was nothing to be found on how to TURN OFF Google+ comments. There were pages and pages of how to turn it ON, though. :) finally, I came across an answer.

Turns out - it is a very easy thing to do.

Go into your blogger dashboard and on the left hand side underneath "comments" click on Google+ (believe it or not) and on the right there are 3 boxes to check or uncheck.

Uncheck "Google+ comments on this blog". That's all there is to it. It's incredibly simple for something I worked at and fretted over for  days.

Here it is:

Notice I have checked - Automatically share after posting - so that all my posts are shared after they're posted.

Okay, so now WHY to turn off Google+ comments. When you get to someone's comment area and  it has a green SHARE button to click after you write your comment - you have to click SHARE in order to post your comment then your comment is actually shared on YOUR Google+ page and your followers get the message.

I think it's odd that someone read the comment, "Nice" or "Isn't that cute". I wouldn't want to subject my followers to a stream of these comments since they don't know actually what the post is about. I also feel like it is a forced share. However, when I absolutely feel like I need to leave a comment, I will write the comment like this, "Thank you so much for the delicious apple strudel recipe" so that at least it makes sense.

But most times I won't leave a comment.

Have a great day,  everyone! I'm so glad you're here and I hope that you learned something new.




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  1. Thank you. I agree with you and I REALLY, REALLY appreciate your help with this matter.

  2. Thanks, Linda. Great info, now I have to check mine...

  3. I am glad you addressed this, ladies! I do not use Google+ (and don't want it) but I have been in situations where I wanted to leave a comment, especially when it was a return courtesy, and could not do it without signing up for G+ as you described. In every case there was no way to contact the author by email to explain myself. I hope this post gets shared so everything you said becomes common knowledge. Thank you!

  4. Thanks so much! I checked my account and I've never connected it to google+ so I'll keep it that way. You don't know anything about feedburner do you. It stops sending to subscribers for no reason, sigh...

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this. I never turned on Google+ and I am so glad I didn't. Hugs, Beverly

  6. Good info! I do not really love that Google comments require people to have a google account. Although I do like G+

  7. Thank you I have been debating the issue of what comment system to use recently and did turn on g+ and have seen a decrease in comments as well. :) Thanks for sharing on the Wake Up Wednesday Linky!!

  8. I have a google plus account, but never changed from the blogger profile. I've heard too many problems, with the big one being everyone becoming a noreply blogger automatically and it's unbelievably difficult to fix. But this is good info to know!

  9. Thanks for sharing this! I double checked, and thankfully I didn't have that option turned on, which is good because I honestly don't use Google+ at all.

  10. Hi Linda - This is helpful information. Thanks so much for linking up with the Let's Get Real party this week.

  11. I am sharing this with a few bloggers. I get so frustrated when I can't leave comments on blogs due to google plus!


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