Gift Bag Vase for Flowers and Other Unusual Flower Vases

Want a vase that is not only unusual but pretty and can be changed out in a moment?

Here it is:  A gift bag!

Gift bag bud vase... lots of different sizes of bags to choose from.

I put a plain glass vase (with water) in a gift bag. 

I put flowers in. 


I picked a pretty floral gift bag in a bright pink color.

Couldn't resist taking a few "artsy" pictures of the tulips either.

Doesn't it look nice on my mother's table? It kind of goes with her pink theme.


Then, of course, I had to search the internet to see what other unusual flower vases were out there. They are out there, people. They are out there. These are the most interesting, unusual ones I found and most are DIY. 

Have a ball, people, looking at gift bags to be used for impromptu vases.

Milk carton vase Ha ha ha.. everyone has these. Next time I can't find a vase... 

Glass vase cover - full tutorial using Graphics Fairy graphics.

Painting on brown bag vases. I LOVE THIS.

Madigan Made these decorated vases. Full tutorial. Can you guess what she used? Not yarn.

Painted vases - easy peasy - by Lemon Tree Dwelling - take a look at others she made, too.

Tin can with nautical rope

Light bulb vase - full tutorial including tools used.

Doily covered vase

Painted vase - very sweet, very easy.

Oranges in a vase... I've seen lemons also.

Different clear glass containers. What's nice about this is the different flowers in them made cohesive with a silver tray.

How about a pretty drinking glass vase with a ribbon?

Colored glass vases that are all the same color. Very pretty.

Here's something different and pretty... a rose petal covered vase.

Country Farm Wedding vases.... :)

Painted milk bottle vases

Colored pencil vase. Colorful and cute!!

Is this going to be enough to keep you busy for a while? Of course, I want to make them all.

Do you think you'll do any of these? 

Have a great day!!



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