Strawberries for Your Valentines

There is no prettier food than strawberries covered with chocolate melt and especially PINK chocolate melts and pink sprinkles. I love them!

Heart shaped strawberries.. doesn't that sound like fun?

Laura, my daughter, came over and we made heart Valentine veggies a few weeks ago - we made the strawberries, too, but I wanted to post them closer to Valentine's. Since strawberries are red, and Valentine's Day is all about red and pink...

heart shaped strawberries and cut up bananas

Some other strawberries for Valentine's Day.....

    for you to enjoy....

Olga's Home and Garden Blog's cream filled strawberries.

Foxes Love Lemons cannoli stuffed strawberries.

Tide and Thyme Sangria

Table for Two Blog - Strawberry mojito

Salseando - Strawberry roses.

Cooking Classy - Coconut Oat Smoothie

Campfire strawberries..

Or... if you don't want to get fancy.

    Just a classic bowl of strawberries with whipped cream..

My friends, I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration today for Valentine's or anytime.

Have a great Thursday..


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  1. I didn't stop to think just how many different things you can do with strawberries. And they all look so yummy. Maybe that's because strawberries are one of my most all time favorite. Thanks for sharing your round up. Best wishes, Darlene

  2. Lovely and romantic ideas, thanks for sharing!

  3. Great roundup! I am loving the campfire strawberries idea. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This post is perfect timing for me. Thanks so much for sharing it with us at Let's Get Real. My little ones have a Valentine's day party tomorrow at gymnastics class and we usually try to keep it a "little" healthy so I was planning on making something with strawberries. I've got some great ideas here for them and...........the mojito will be perfect for me afterwards.

  5. What a wonderful collection of strawberry snacks!! They all look delicious - I love strawberries. I really like your banana & strawberry plate too it is a great snack plate for kids (adults too) but kids will love the heart-shaped strawberries! Thanks for sharing on the Four Seasons Blog Hop!

  6. These strawbeery ideas are INSPIRED, Linda!
    I’d love for you to join us over at the Creative Crafts Linky Party every Wednesday through Sunday
    Followed and Pinned! 🙂
    Creatively, Beth

  7. Love all of the yummy ideas for Valentine's Day. Congratulations, you are being featured on TFT. I hope you stop by.


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