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Love Coupons Giveaway - Cutest Coupons I've Seen

There is nothing more special than spending time together. LoveCoups.com is a new twist to the traditional love coupon. The LoveCoups character creator allows the user to edit their own characters to illustrate the book. With over 200 coupons, you can select 20 of your favorites. We print, bind and ship books anywhere in the world.
Love Coups.com

  • LoveCoups are perfect bound books
  • 20 full-color, glossy, perforated pages in each book.
  • No extra cost per page, 20 coupons for one flat price - $24.95
  • Fully customized characters
  • Over 200 coupons in 16 different categories
  • Adult coupons available (18+ verification required)
LoveCoups.com has a special offer for A Peek Into My Paradise friends....
Visit LoveCoups.com, create an account and use promo code PARADISE15 at checkout to get 15% Off your order! And if you do, make sure to enter your account name on the rafflecopter for an extra 10 entries in the giveaway!
Good luck!

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  1. Always such a cute idea. Gotta love this.
    Your new page design is gorgeous, Linda. I like the clean feel of it, and the colors too.