How You Can Add Charming Farmhouse Style to Your Home

Giving a few farmhouse touches can add so much warmth and coziness to a home. Here are several ways you can add the charm of farmhouse style to your home.

I love old stuff. Last summer, my nephew (tag sale partner) and I picked up so many vintage items which fit in perfectly for the farmhouse style.

White painted wooden walls are gorgeous.

Builder Online

This farmhouse kitchen is so charming. I love the skirted bottoms.

The Cottage Market

The Cottage Market

Maria Killam

What you can do in your kitchen ...

*Buy an old kettle and put it on the stove.

*A wooden chopping block can add the warm wood color of an old farmhouse table, also.

*Pictures of farm animals or farms like my paint-by-number painting.. (below)

*Mason jars on the shelf filled with pickles or jam. Or fresh flowers in a Mason jar.

*Folded cotton towels

*Porcelain pots


The farmhouse bathroom has an old footed bathtub. I wanted one of these a few years ago but my bathrooms aren't big enough.  Sniff.

House plans Southern Living

What you can do to your bathroom for the farmhouse style. 

I mean... if you don't have room for a footed bathtub you could...

*Add a porcelain sink - I have porcelain sinks in both my bathrooms. I think they wear better and are looking old even though they are new.

*Add a chipped up chair

*Make a farmhouse Mason jar light

*Add a wooden stool or a basket (if the basket if painted and chipped that's all the better)

*What about a white chipped up ladder to hold towels? Funky Junk Donna has a great picture. In fact, the whole bathroom is gorgeous farmhouse style.

*Mason jar soap dispenser (below -click over to tutorial).

Interior Design

Mason Jar Bathroom Lights

Farmhouse Bedrooms...

Iron beds are the quintessential farmhouse bed. Last summer I bought an old iron twin headboard. It's roughed up a little and dirty - the kind of dirt that doesn't really come off.  I wanted to put it above my fireplace but it doesn't fit and I'm thinking of hanging it on the wall somewhere.

Here's a barrel used as an end table. But, uh, I think the chamber pot is going too far. :) My mother remembers having to empty the chamber pot each morning. (Is this an indelicate subject?)


Add Farmhouse style to your bedroom in these ways...

*White walls

*Burlap pillows or burlap anything

*Old quilts

*Old birdcages are pretty cool (see below)

*Old boxes - Coke boxes, dairy boxes, wooden toolboxes. Wooden boxes of any kind with some age on them.

*Old frames - painted white and chipped

*Wooden architectural elements of any kind

Urban Farmgirl

*Wooden signs that are old or made to look old add farmhouse touches....

*Any signs that say "Farm" or "Eggs" or "Produce" would fit right in. Aged wood is better.

*Old windows and doors

Down to Earth Style

How else can you add touches to your home to suggest farmhouse style decor?

Best wishes, Linda


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  1. These are all lovely. I love the farmhouse look, I grew up in one. Thanks for sharing at Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party.

  2. Fun ideas! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

  3. lovely inspirations for farm house sweetness. I invite you to share at my hop today Hugs!


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