How to Make Chocolate Curls for Decorating Cakes

Embellishing Cakes with Chocolate Curls

chocolate cake and chocolate frosting with chocolate curls on top

I don't have a recipe for this triple chocolate cake. It's a box cake, box frosting, with chocolate pudding in the middle... that's the triple chocolate part. 

The fun part is embellishing the top of this cake with chocolate curls. Isn't embellishing anything the most fun part? I've embellished quilts, pillows, pocketbooks, and etc. and it is always more fun than making the actual item. 

chocolate curls on top of chocolate frosted cake

The easiest way I found to make the "curls" is to melt chocolate - chocolate melts slowly in the microwave and DON'T overheat the chocolate. It is very bad to overheat chocolate. (Don't ask me how I know).

Anyway, after the chocolate is melted pour onto a cookie sheet and let cool slightly but still not completely cool or it will be brittle.  It still has to have some pliability or the chocolate won't "curl". Use a non-serrated knife and push the blade away from you. If it's not curling, the chocolate may be too cold. (Don't ask me how I know that either. I had to reheat the chocolate and recool it 3 times before I finally got the chocolate to the right temperature to "curl". When it finally started to work, it was great fun and I piled all the curls in a circle on the top of the cake.

scraping chocolate curls from melted chocolate

A dollop of cream...

Hope your week is wonderful!


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  1. Your curls are beautiful! My curls always looks kinda sad.....
    Thanks for the tips! I will have to work on mine.....
    xx Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique


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