FREE Apps for Valentine's Day 2014

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I thought these apps would be appropriate for Valentine's Day since most people don't send Valentine's but would be willing to send a Valentine's Day greeting. I know I will send a Valentine's to my kids. A few years ago I did handmade Valentine's for everyone but that's not going to happen this year. I'll make and send them through an app, though.

Anyway, here are some FREE apps I found for both IPhone and Android for Valentine's fun.

Here's a coloring Valentine app and then you can send it out after you make it. IPHONE
Valentine's Day Painter

Here is a memory game with darling red hearts. IPHONE
Be My Valentine

Send your own Valentine.

Fix up your photos for Valentine's Day. Android and iPhone
Valentine Photo - Free

Valentine backgrounds, Valentine quotes, and cute cards to send! All platforms.
Valentine's Day App

Cute Valentine backgrounds. All platforms.
Valentine's Day Love Theme

Lots of fun stuff. Shake the phone to get a Valentine surprise. All platforms.
Sweet Valentine 2014

Well, these should get you started. I'm telling my little tween granddaughter, Faith, about these. I think she'll love them also for her iPhone.

Best wishes for a Happy Valentine's Day with your family.




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