Easy Chicken Skillet Dinner

Easy Chicken Skillet Dinner

This chicken dinner is only 280 calories, believe it or not. It's fabulous, too. We had it for dinner tonight. I served this with baked potatoes. It's perfect. It's easy. It's tasty. VERY TASTY.

Want a surprise? It's only 280 calories...

Chicken Skillet Dinner


4 chicken breasts (skinless, boneless, and with all fat cut off) 
1 bunch of asparagus
2 yellow summer squash, sliced
3 or 4 slices of cooked bacon, coarsely broken up
1 small can chicken broth
2 tablespoons flour
Salt and pepper to taste (and any favorite seasonings)


Cook the chicken breasts in a small amount of olive oil in a large skillet. Brown chicken on each side and take the chicken out of the pan. Set aside. In the same pan cook the sliced summer squash and asparagus for 5 minutes. Remove the asparagus from the frying pan and set aside to be added later.

Pour the chicken broth into a medium sized bowl with the 2 tablespoons of flour. Whisk to combine.

Pour broth into the frying pan and stir until broth thickens. Add back in the chicken and bacon and softly cook for 15 minutes. Check to make sure that the chicken is fully cooked. It will be white in the middle when it's done.

Add asparagus for the last 2 minutes. Do not overcook the asparagus. (It gets a dull olive green color instead of the nice bright green it normally is).

I served this meal with baked potatoes (rice would be great also) and it was a HUGE hit. That is such a good feeling. The fact that this meal (without the potatoes) was 280 calories? Big. Very big.

Feel free to pin this to your "skinny" recipes and to your "family meal" recipes, too.

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  1. This looks too good to be skinny! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I am soooo making this one day this week. Looks divine and the beautiful part….280 calories wahooo! Thanks so much for linking up to Throwback Thursday and hanging with us! Have a super week!

  3. I love this recipe, I am pinning. Thank you for helping to make the Thursday Favorite Things Blog hop so much fun. Big Hugs ♥


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