15 Football Shaped Foods

If there is one sport my husband loves and that is FOOTBALL. This time of year he loves nothing better on a Sunday than to sit in front of the T.V. and listen to the cheers of the football crowd.

I usually make some kinds of snacking food for the boys (son and husband) and sometimes other various men relatives. This year I thought it might be fun to make some football shaped foods - at least some, along with the usual hot and spicy chicken wings that they like. :)

So here is what I had in mind - well, some of them. I like the strawberry footballs.

Strawberry Footballs

Football Brownies

Taco Pockets

Meatloaf Football

Healthy Football Snack

Ice Cream Footballs

Pigskin Sandwiches

Sandwich Cookies

Hope you can use some of these cute "football" recipes. Anyway, it was fun just looking through these pictures...




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  1. Now I am really hungry! These are great!

    I like your new layout!

    Stop by, my current post might pique
    your interest.

    M : )

  2. Hello Linda, I'm Sara and part of your #sitsblogging tribe. These are some great football inspired foods. I think the first - strawberry football is the best and my boys would totally enjoy the taco pockets.

  3. Hi Linda, I love all these football foods especially the pizza and the strawberries! So fun! Looks like we ended up in the same SITS tribe! Looking forward to a great week!

  4. HI! I am stopping by from the SITS Tribe Challenge! Everything looked so delish. I am not a not a football fan but those pigskin sliders were really cute. I usually have a Superbowl party of 3 where I don't watch the game, but watch all of the commercial:-)

  5. What cute ideas!!! I really love the strawberries (mostly because I love chocolate covered strawberries :)

    Stopping by from SITS tribe! :)

  6. Some of those look like great snack ideas for any time! Thanks for rounding them up!

    Crafty Journal

  7. Hi Linda! I love all the football food ideas! Our home team just won their way to the SUPERBOWL yesterday, so I'm thinking well have to make some special goodies for the game. The football meatloaf looks like a great idea!!

    I'm stopping by from the SITS girls tribes. I'm super excited to get to know you better this week!!

    Amy E.

  8. Oh what fun football foods! They would be great to make for a super bowl party! :-)

  9. They football foods are all great!! Found out we are in the same SITS tribe and wanted to leave you the link to our tribe discussion since not many of us have found it. http://www.thesitsgirls.com/forums/index.php?p=/discussion/2413/hi-from-sydney-australia#Item_3

  10. I'll take an egg, taco pocket, & strawberry!

  11. Love all of these ideas! The cookies,the sandwich rolls,the cheese dip! So yummy and perfect for game day :-) Checking this out from gingersnap crafts link party!

  12. Linda, I'm so glad I came over to visit. I am looking for ideas of football shaped foods to serve at a function this spring honoring our local high school coach who is retiring. I was so happy to see so many ideas in one place! ~Jane

  13. OMG these are so great! I LOVE these cool ideas for the Super Bowl. Thanks for sharing!! Visiting from Saturday Night Fever :-)

  14. Thanks so much for sharing with Wednesday's Adorned From Above Link Party.
    Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above

  15. This is such a fun collection! Thanks for sharing it with us at Saturday Night Fever!


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