Snowballs and Snowflake Ornaments - Glittery and Fun

Snowball and snowflake Ornaments are so fun to make. I've made lots of different kinds of snowball ornaments. Here are a few I've made.  I think you'll like these... kids can help, too, and they're kind of whimsical and magical to put on a Christmas Tree.

fake snowball made with glitter and paint


glittery plastic ball painted white and glittered

These snowballs I made from the plastic balls that kids jump in. Well, I had bought a whole lot of them for my granddaughter and they were just hanging around in a box. She was too big to jump in them and I was getting ready to throw them out. Then when I was thinking of making fake snowballs (Styrofoam balls are unreasonably expensive, I think) I thought of these plastic balls.

plastic balls

In order to work with them, I punched a hole in them with scissors and then with the string I made a large loop and knot. I pushed the knot into the hole and because the ball itself is so light, it held just fine.

 Then I could hold the string as I spray painted them white and then sprayed them with glue and sprinkled with a clear crystal glitter and another kind of glitter that is more like cellophane .. larger chunks. You can see them in the picture. Hot glue a pretty bow on to it and VOILA! A snowball!

snowball made with glitter and paint on plastic ball


This is more like a snowflake!

This snowflake ornament is made by taking strips of paper towels and tying them together in the middle. The strips are about 1/4 inch wide by 6 inches long. (I had pictures of using the paper cutter for this part but I could not locate those darned pictures.)

So then I just bunched a lot of them together and tied them tightly in the middle with cotton string. I left the cotton string long to use as the hanger. Then I rearranged them to make them kind of even and then sprayed with a glue spray and sprinkled with glitter.  Some long ends needed to be trimmed a little, too.

fake snowflake made with paper towel strips and glitter

Kids could make these and they don't have to be perfect. They are charming, I think.

Here are a few untouched pictures of what these look like..

snowflake made with paper towels

fake snowflake

Happy snowball making, everyone!!

fake snowball made with plastic ball and labelled

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Everyone can agree on... COOKIES... here are some...

Recipe for Snowflake Cookies HERE.

Recipe  for Snowball Cookies HERE.



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  1. Linda, these are just gorgeous and so darn clever! I have to try and find time to make some similar ones for my tree. It is a snow and ice themed one this year and will be just perfect! Thank you for sharing....I am passing this one around!
    Hugs to my friend!

  2. That covered very well - you can't even tell they were once blue! Nice Idea!

    Crafty Journal

  3. These are gorgeous and are such a great idea! I can't believe you made them out of those little plastic balls! So pretty! Pinned!

    Debbie @ One Little Project

  4. What a really great (and pretty!) idea! I love those snowballs...truly unique and a great way to recycle those balls! Pinning for sure! :)

  5. Love the snowballs, Linda ! Thanks for the link to my recipe :-)

  6. I found your post on Family Fun Friday. These are both cute crafts! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I agree about styrofoam being unreasonably expensive.....and I love your snowballs! I might try some myself!

  8. Love these, pinned for later :) We would love if you linked up to our Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  9. LOVE the snowballs - I pinned them! :-) I'm a new FB follower stopping by from the Inspiration Monday link party.

  10. Really pretty! Pinned and new follow. Stop by:)

  11. Ohhh those look so pretty and so festive. Love them. Thanks for sharing at the dollar tree party.

  12. These are beautiful! What a creative idea. Thanks so much for sharing. Visiting from Blog Strut Owl Style

  13. This is beautiful glitter ornament! Thanks for the inspiration!


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