Paint Chips are Mini Chalkboards!!

Paint chips are MINI CHALKBOARDS!!

Paint chips reused for tags

I discovered this one day when I was painting an old ironing board (reveal at some point) with the black chalkboard paint from Home Depot. I had just rubbed the ironing board down with some sandpaper to make sure it was smooth before a second coat and then wiped it down with a rag so I had a fair idea of how the chalkboard felt to the touch.

paint samples from Home Depot

Incidentally, I had some paint chips on the kitchen counter for some other project and I happened to move them. As I moved the paint chips I thought, 'Hmm.. this feels like the chalk board'. I reached into the drawer, pulled out a piece of chalk, and, yes, wrote on the little paint chips... perfectly. Smoothly. It was a little dream of a chalk board.

So then my mind starting working on how to use these "little chalkboards". One thing I came up with is tags for the Christmas presents. I cut them up into little Christmas shapes and decorated them with ribbon. 

A Christmas Tree tag.

green paint chip Christmas tree tag

Some round ones...

Red paint chip Christmas tag

Blue Christmas tree...

blue Christmas tree paint chip

A bell shaped tag..

Christmas shapes paint chip tags

These little chalkboard tags can be embellished to the max if you like. I can only imagine how some of you would put your fabulous creative spin onto these little paint chips.

ribbon and paint chips

I bought this Bistro Chalk Marker from Amazon. It works beautifully and if you make a mistake it can be rubbed right off with a damp cloth.

Bistro chalk marker

See how neat the writing is with this cool chalkboard pen?

Tags for presents made with paint chips

So paint chips are mini chalkboards!

I have some more ideas for these. 

What can you think to do with them? 

Best Christmas Wishes,


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  1. Hi Linda, that's a pretty cool marker.It's late and I can't think right now but I look forward to seeing what you have in mind. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, those are fabulous. And FREE..... and FABULOUS..... Thank you for sharing this great idea. I am pinning this one. Hugs, Beverly

  3. SO cute! Love this idea!

    Again, thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  4. Hi Linda what a great and creative idea. I love it and I'm pinning.

  5. That's a great idea, and you can get almost any color imaginable!

    Come and link up -
    Royalegacy's WW Praying for a Miracle


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