How to Take Better Pictures of Your Family at Christmas

How to take Better Pictures of Your Family at Christmas

Want to take better pictures of the family in front of the Christmas tree or outside in the snow? 

I do.

I did some research and there is a LOT of information about this.

 Here is what I gleaned on the subject. 

How to Take Photos of Kids in Front of the Christmas Tree. I love the bokeh lights in the background of this pictures. I want to learn how to do this. I might need a better camera. :) (UPDATE: November 2014 - I now have a Canon D-60 camera. It's awesome and I'm so learning how to work it.)

The Christmas tree is way in the background of this picture of a toddler with mmore bokeh lights - sorta round orbs of light fuzzed out.

Take an actual picture frame and let it define your picture like HERE.

I've seen lots of pictures of families, kids, and animals with strands of lit Christmas lights HERE.

Take pictures with a sign. In this case a girl is holding a banner with letters that say "Merry Christmas". Clever and awesome.

Candy cane ideas.... Here is a photo with a girl holding 2 candy canes to form a heart. I must do this with the grands.

Another candy cane idea...  another awesome candy cane idea.............. and a Christmas kiss.

Here is a silhouette type picture of kids in front of the Christmas tree. This look doable for me.

Snow in the background pictures...

Another picture with Christmas lights... this is more than adorable...

I love the use of the big letters in this family picture... JOY!

Children are in the background but are the main focus of this picture. Awesome idea.

If you use PicMonkey there are some awesome effects under "Winterland"... snow, ice crystals and etc. Also if you go under EFFECTS there is a BOKEH SHAPES that will give you lights in different shapes like some of the pictures in the links above. Bokeh adds so much to a Christmas picture. Try it. It's so fun to play around with.

Try to use natural light, too, whenever possible either outdoors or close to a window.

This is a REAL TREAT, people. Amanda duplicated a scene from the movie, A Christmas Story, for herself and her family.   Amanda Earles put in lots of extra effort to buy all vintage clothing for this picture. She tells how she did this including how she made the  "leg lamp".

I hope you picked up some ideas on how to photograph your family this holiday season.

With love at Christmas,




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