October Decorations

Wanna see a really cute, fun front porch Rocking Chair October decoration? Head over to Diana Rambles to see my guest post!! You won't be sorry! It's the cutest thing I've seen for a front porch decoration - for October! Still plenty of time left to make this also.

Some other decorations around Connecticut...

Amazon sells these big, googly eyes.

They covered the whole inside of the picture window except the jack-o-lantern face. This is just a huge Jack-o-lantern, isn't it? At night it must glow through the openings. Cool.

I had fun with some of the paper crows.

Fall Chandy

I did an oil painting of a crow in a snow storm. Then added a black paper crow in front of it. I really like crows.

As I was driving around I came upon this super decorated yard last year. Many of these gourds and pumpkins came from their own garden!


My little window house last year.

Hey, everybody, happy Fall!!



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  1. HI, sorry I didn't find an email addresss anywhere. You asked about my recent post across the top of my blog. That is through www.inlinkz.com. It is free to join and then you want to just follow instructions for the project manager and set up how you want yours to look and then you just add the code like any other gadget. Hope this helps. Marty

  2. These are really neat decorations! The mums are gorgeous!

    Again, thanks for joining the Link Up this week!


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