Burlap Shoes or How to Refurbish an Old Worn Out Pair of Shoes

I had to admit, even to myself, that these shoes had had it. They didn't owe me anything! But they are SO COMFORTABLE. I was wondering... hmmm... what could I do to refurbish these comfortable shoes? I thought about painting them and did a little research on that but that was so boring, plus it wouldn't do that much good since the fur around the top was worn away also.

Used up old shoe! (I forgot to take a picture of both shoes before the project started so at least I took one BEFORE pic).

In the meantime, I had some printed burlap hanging around that I had bought at Joann's. Joann's has some awesome printed burlap, people. Awesome. Anyway, I had these burlap pieces hanging around the sewing machine and I put the two together. YAY.

I used hot glue to attach the burlap to the shoe. I laid the burlap over the shoe and cut all around the shoe. Then I folded the raw edge under so that there are no raw edges. I put glue on the shoe and tacked the burlap to the shoe. Simple and quick.

I also covered the insole pad with black fabric and hot glued it down also.

Fleur de lis pattern burlap...

These are my clunky, comfortable shoes that I still wanted to wear and since I love burlap, I put the two together. I'm so happy they are looking so good.

I saw online somewhere a darling pair of flat shoes that were covered with burlap - do you think I could find it now?  NOT!! (I have searched Google, Bing, and Pinterest for an hour and couldn't find it again). Darn. They were so cute.

I did find THIS PICTURE in Pinterest and it led nowhere. Aren't these cute?

And, during the search I found lots and lots of burlap Tom's shoes that were pretty cute, also.

Anyway, since most people have old shoes hanging around that fit and feel pretty comfy, what's stopping you from covering some of YOUR old shoes with burlap? It was fun to see my rotten, old shoes turn out to be pretty and new looking.

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  1. hat a creative idea, love it! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop! ♥


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