Cover a Wooden Letter With a Sweater!!

How to cover a wooden letter with a sweater.

I've had this wooden letter for a while and wondered what to do with it. I love the letters when they are covered with yarn but that is WAY too much work.

My sister and I always say that a craft has to take a short time to do but look like it took a LONG time to make! This craft qualifies.

Here is a picture of the wooden letter B.

This used to be a sweater, until I cut it up. I bought it at a tag sale for $2.


This is a fancy sweater but it could be anything, of course. I tried to position the roses so that it would be attractive on the letter B.

Good old glue gun (old old).

Put a line of glue around the edge and then flipped up the edge of the sweater. Oops. I forgot to say I trimmed the sweater around the B first.

Once the edges were glued all around, I started on the hole. 

I had problems here, people.

I made a hole in the middle of the sweater fabric and then made slices out to the wooden part not going all the way to the wood. This is where it gets tricky. I put glue on the wood and then carefully folded the sweater fabric up and onto the glue. I got the hang of it after awhile but it's not going to look great on the back, concede that at the get-go. 

As long as it looks good from the front, that's what counts, right? :)

You can see where I barely had enough sweater fabric to bring it up and over the wood.

Flip it over and Voila!! A cozy letter B. Ready for winter. :)

I put it on my newly refurbished table. I wasn't going to keep it there but I just think it rounds out the display on the table, do you?

The Letter B - let it be....

Happy Fall, everyone!!



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