Blueberry Hand Pies

These little pies go very fast especially if you use refrigerated crust and roll it out yourself.



First I make the blueberry compote.
Blueberry Compote Recipe
2 c. blueberries
1/2 c. sugar
1 TBSP cornstarch
1 TBSP lemon juice
Place all ingredients in a pan and cook on medium heat until mixture thickens. Allow to cool.
After I roll out the refrigerated pie crust (I buy it in the refrigerated section of the grocery store), You can make your own crust if you want. Roll it out a little as it’s a bit too thick when you buy it.
I cut round circles using a cookie cutter or even a glass.
Then I put a dollop of the blueberry compote in the middle of each circle.
I like to have a small glass of water handy and I use my fingers to give the inside edge (where the two crusts will come together) a little bit of water so when the top crust is added to the bottom crust, it will stick together. I then “fork” around the little pie -  it looks pretty that way.
One last step: Make an egg wash and brush it around the tops and edges of the little pies.
Bake at 375 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes or until golden brown. Cool slightly.
Mmmm.... I love blueberries.
blueberry hand pie

I sprinkled some confectioner’s sugar on the top. Makes ‘em prettier, don’t ya think?

confectioner's sugar

Enjoy, my friends. Thanks for viewing.


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  1. Very very succulent !!!!!

  2. This looks amazing and would love to have one right now. Visiting from Anyonita Nibbles.

  3. I love hand pies and these blueberry pies are very delicious looking!!

  4. Your little pies look so beautiful and sound delicious!

  5. Thank you for linking this wonderful recipe up with the Hearts for Home Blog Hop. I look forward to trying it out myself.

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