Annie Sloan Chalkpaint and a Vintage Sewing Machine Drawer

A few weeks ago I saw an old sewing machine (in an old sewing machine cabinet) by the side of the road. Upon further examination I found that the cabinet itself was not salvageable but the drawers were fine and so was the machine inside. I took it home (the owners were in the front yard and helped me load it in my van). My son took the machine out and then I took the cabinet back to the junk pile it came from (I talked to the fella and he said, “Sure, I could put the cabinet back in his junk pile”.) It was a little embarrassing but I didn’t know what to do with the unusable cabinet.
Anyway, it was a wonderful find and I was so excited to find the very little drawers I was looking for. The sewing machine was an old black one which I salvaged. It works. It’s pretty cool to save something like that from the junk yard.
Here is what we finally came up with about the little drawers (I was with my sister in PA this weekend and when we are together it is one big craft, DIY, cooking fest).


I painted my little drawer with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint color Pure White. Then there is a wax (whether dark wax to make the piece look aged or clear wax to shine up the paint a little) Annie Sloan paint is very easy to apply and the wax is soft and easy to rub on and quickly rub off, leaving a gleaming surface behind.

IMG_5015 (800x600)

Of course, we HAVE to paint on the kitchen counter! Duh.  I used the darker wax to help age the piece a little.
Here it is after I painted it with Annie Sloan pure white paint and rubbed it with the dark wax.

sewing machine drawer

Here it is again after it’s all fixed up ... There were lots of things we could have put in the little box but we finally decided on cookbooks and some cute recipe cards for writing down any interesting looking recipes from the books. It sits in the middle of my sister’s table.

cook books

The little cards that say “My Recipe” were made by my sister also.

Recipe cards

A Place for Books

New Use

Be on the lookout for old sewing machine drawers. You can do anything with them and if you like the dark wood finish you don’t even have to paint them! My sister and I had lots of fun with them. Hope you enjoyed looking...

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  1. Very cute. It holds more than I thought.
    Was there another drawer?


  2. Looks really nice! Thanks for sharing

  3. What a great way to use the drawers! I see your sis is creative, too!

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