A Place for My Nail Polish

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I've been seeing cute little nail polish racks around the blogs and have had my mind on it as I go around to tag sales on the weekends. Believe it or not I found the perfect thing in this little white wicker wall hanging. I'm not sure what it was initially but it's perfect for what I needed. I gave it a good coat of glossy white spray paint.

The biggest challenge with using this little rack for nail polish was that the wicker basket was not level and the little bottles were not straight when I put them in it. See the little bottles are crooked here?

I knew that putting all the little nail polish bottles in there and if they were all crooked it would bother me so I found a solution. I painted the wooden paint sticks white also and cut them with my sons big miter saw.. that thing was a little scary at first and then WOW... the power to cut is amazing. It makes me want to do a big wood project like a little garden cottage. That's dreaming, I think, but it's good to dream, right?

And glued them onto the base...

And now the little nail polish bottles are straight.

See? They are all perfectly straight. The picture is crooked though. Oops...


See all the little boards I cut and put in? I'm so pleased that I learned how to work the big miter saw, too.

I love looking at all the little colorful bottles and that they are neat and all in one place (sort of - I do have some rejects in a small plastic container.)

Hope everyone is having a great week. Weather here in Connecticut is getting downright cool!

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  1. So cute. I love that it's all color coded. Great job! Thanks for sharing. I'm off to check out some more of your blog.

  2. Perfect...Miss Crafty!

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  4. I saw you from FDTR and I want to say Hi Linda! :)
    This Nail Polish rack is brilliant!
    Lovely site you have here… I am leaving this page “inspired”.
    Thank you for that.
    Happy Crafting.

  5. this looks so cute, thanks for the inspiration Linda!

  6. I LOVE your nail polish rack!!!!!!!!!!!! How pretty and perfect. AND you cut all those tiny pieces of wood! Just fabulous. I know that feeling of awesomeness when you make that perfect thing for yourself. Great job! Hugs, Beverly

  7. What a perfect way to use your wicker wall hanging! I love the clever way you used the paint stick pieces to level the bottom of each cubby!

    Crafty Journal

  8. What a cute idea for nail polish. I've been just throw them in a shoebox sized plastic drawer I have on one of my deep bathroom shelves. Thanks for stopping out to my blog and following me! I Have don the same!
    Ann @ Cairn Cottage

  9. I have actually seen this done before ... when I was about ten. One of my babysitters had something very similar to this. What a memory.

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo


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